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Welcome to Intentional Homemaker! This site was born out of a desire to become a better homemaker myself and I wanted to share what I learned along the way.

Homemaking is such a broad topic and as a result you will find a wide variety of topics here, everything from family topics to caring for your home, including tending your garden, as well as all things keeping your family healthy, we’ll even tackle often not talked about money topics and I’ll always try to share some great money saving tips with you.

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Because I know I always like to get to know the person behind the site I thought I would take a minute to introduce myself. So, I’m Chantel. I live in the Canadian prairies with my husband and kids where we love enjoying our beautiful summers and doing our best to imitate bears in hibernation in the winters.

Years ago, when we were going through pre-marital counselling, I told my soon-to-be-husband that I would stay home for maternity leave for our kids (we get a year here in Canada) and then after that I was going to go back to work. I was not at all interested in being a stay at home mom. Well, that was quite a few years ago and here I am: a homeschool mom, online entrepreneur and an intentional homemaker wannabe. I’m glad he’s been supportive of my decision to do completely the opposite of what he signed up for.


I hope you enjoy your time on this site and learn more about becoming an Intentional Homemaker!